Hog Farmer GOP Sen. Joni Ernest Castrated With Chants Of “Your Last Term” At Public Event

Sen. Joni Ernest had one public event today in Maquoketa, Iowa, and the Senator who as a candidate bragged of being cutting farmer and castrating Washington by cutting pork faced a political neutering by an anti-Trump crowd that chanted “your last term,” as she entered the event.

Video by Iowa Starting Line of a crowd that they estimated as 80% anti-Trump:

Sen. Ernst being greeted with chants of your last term:

The event was supposed to be a veterans roundtable, but it turned into an expression of constituent outrage directed at the Trump supporting Senator from Iowa. After the veterans issues discussion, the focus of the event turned to Obamacare, where the Senator was booed for her position on repealing the ACA.

After 45 minutes, Sen. Ernst ended the event, and the crowd erupted in anger:

Republican members of Congress who were not in office when the ACA was passed have no idea how to handle these events. Ernst was trying to lay low by not scheduling any town halls this week, but the crowd turned out to the public event on her schedule to give her an earful.

The public outrage is real, and it is happening in red states all across the country. People understand that there is no replace in the Republican plan to repeal and replace the ACA.

The outsider candidate who once ran this ad:

Is now a Washington insider who is being held accountable for her positions.

The shoe is firmly on the other foot, and Republicans can’t hide from angry Americans who don’t want to lose their health care.