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Keep It Up Liberals, Donald Trump Says Your Activism Is Making Him Sad

President Trump took to Twitter to complain that liberal activism and organization at Republican Congressional town halls is making him sad.

Trump tweeted:

Trump tried to question the legitimacy of the crowds by referring to them as “so-called” angry crowds, which serves as a testament to just how strong President Trump’s ability to deny reality really is. The crowds are angry, and they are definitely real. People don’t like the direction that the country is moving in, and they are making their voices heard.

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President Trump also believes that there is something wrong with liberals organizing and participating in the political process. Trump still hasn’t figured out that his constituency is every citizen of the United States. He is not only the president for those who voted for him.

Trump also wants America to know that increased participation in the political process is making him sad. Yep, the President Of The United States wants fewer people involved in politics, because if more people get involved, it is going to take a lot more than 78,000 votes in three swing states for him to win reelection.

Keep up what you are doing, America. Go to the town halls of your local representative and senators. Make your voices heard if for no other reason than your protests are bumming out Trump.

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