Keith Ellison Powerfully Argues For Trump Impeachment At Democratic Leadership Debate

At the Democratic Leadership Debate, Rep. Keith Ellison argued that Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses on day one of his presidency, which is why investigations must be held, and impeachment is on the table.


Rep. Ellison said, “I think that Donald Trump has already done a number of things that legitimately raise the question of impeachment. On day one he was in violation of the Emoluments Clause. This is a part of the Constitution that says a president can’t take payments from a foreign power. The day people checked into his hotel and started paying him, who were foreign dignitaries, he was in violation of that law. There’s already a lawsuit filed against him, and right now, it’s not only about Donald Trump. It’s about the integrity of the presidency. So yeah, I think we need to begin investigations to not go after Donald Trump but to protect our Constitution, and the presidency of the United States, to make sure that nobody can monetize the presidency and make profit off of it for personal gain.”

Ellison’s argument went beyond going after Trump. The question of impeachment relates back to the President’s behavior and how it damages the presidency and our democracy. If Democrats want to expand the case for impeachment so that it appeals to Americans of all political stripes, the argument that Trump is corrupt and is damaging the country is critical.

It is heartening to watch so many passionate candidates debate the future of the Democratic Party. Rep. Ellison and former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez are locked in a tight contest to be the next DNC Chair. From listening to the candidates on stage at the Democratic Leadership forum, it’s clear that no matter who is elected chair, the party will be heading in a new direction.