Trump, Who Has Declared Bankruptcy 6 Times, Promises To Clean Up The Nation’s Finances

Donald Trump, who has declared bankruptcy six times, is threatening America by promising to clean up the nation’s finances.


The President said, “What I am essentially inheriting is a mess. The finances of our country are a mess, but we’re going to clean them up.” Trump then falsely claimed that he is saving billions of dollars on airplanes.

The most laughable moment of Trump’s remarks was his promise that he was not going to waste any more money. This is a president who has wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on weekend trips to his private club in Florida, but he expects the American people to believe that he will not waste their money.

Trump also said that he might have an Obamacare replacement plan by mid-March, “Maybe mid to early March we’ll be submitting something that I think people will be very impressed by.”

The hilarious part of President Trump’s remarks was the idea that the American people should trust a man who has declared bankruptcy six times to clean up the nation’s finances. This is a man who can’t even keep his own businesses out of the red. Trump has made his money by running up huge piles of debt and then declaring bankruptcy.

From his border wall to his tax cut plan, Trump is planning on running up large deficits. President Trump wants to increase spending, and cut taxes.

If Trump treats the country like he runs his businesses, the US should be ready to declare bankruptcy by 2019.