CNN And MSNBC Cut Away From And Dump Trump White House CEO Propaganda Event

As Donald Trump’s “listening event” with manufacturing CEOs at the White House descended into the President rambling and giving free commercials to companies in attendance, both CNN and MSNBC cut away from their live coverage of the event.

CNN gave Trump roughly 7-8 minutes of airtime, and then they cut to this:

CNN briefly cut back to Trump, and then went back to their panel. The panel discussion consisted of talking about how the “listening events” are supposed to be Trump’s 15 minutes a day on cable news, but the president keeps undercutting his own message. The panel focused on Trump’s inability to let the election go. His impossible promise to bring back manufacturing jobs that were lost to automation, and his struggles in working with Congress.

The network did briefly cut back to Trump, but it is clear that the President is no longer getting the wall to wall unfettered attention of the cable news networks.

The story was the same on MSNBC where they showed the basic Trump remarks but cut away to a panel discussion while Trump was still introducing the CEOs and cutting free commercials for them.

What happened on Thursday was a slight but significant change in how CNN and MSNBC are covering Trump. One of the complaints about the coverage of the 2016 election was that there was little to no real-time discussion of reality in contrast to Trump’s statements. As President, Trump is not dominating the airwaves unchecked.

Context is being added, and the lessened television attention is driving the President up the wall and is one of the main reasons why he explodes on Twitter.

The landscape has changed as MSNBC and CNN are demonstrating that they aren’t going to be all Trump TV all of the time.