Ivanka Trump Is Pushing Congress To Pass A $500 Billion Gift To Rich People With Nannies

The Trump family is showing that they have no understanding of the lives of regular people, as President Trump’s daughter Ivanka is pushing Congress to pass a $500 billion tax deduction for child care that would benefit rich people with nannies.

Bloomberg reported:
It’s not clear whether Ivanka Trump is finding much appetite on Capitol Hill for her proposal. A deduction for child care expenses is both costly and regressive because it would favor wealthier families with two working parents. The deduction would cost the federal government $500 billion in revenue over a decade, according to an estimate by the Tax Foundation, a politically conservative, nonprofit research group.

“The child care proposal is generous and broad; almost everyone with young children will get some benefit from it. However, the largest benefits will go to relatively affluent dual-income families using paid child care,” said Alan Cole, an economist with the Tax Foundation.

The problem as with all Republican proposals that rely on tax deductions is that the child care plan doesn’t help people pay for child care. It only kicks in after the child care has been paid for, which means that a family that already can’t afford child care is going to receive very little benefit from the plan in comparison to a wealthy family that can already afford a nanny or other child care services.

The other catch to the plan is that it strongly favors working two parent families. Studies have shown that one of the biggest constraints to single parents finding employment is the inability to afford child care. Child care costs can range from $4,000-$12,000+ a year, and poorer families can spend up to 30% of their income on child care compared to 8% for wealthier families.

What the country needs is more subsidized and affordable child care. What Ivanka Trump wants is to allow rich people to get a tax break for hiring nannies.

The Trump child care plan will do nothing to help boost employment by making child care more accessible or affordable.

Republicans in Congress aren’t going to spend half a billion dollars on any form of child care.

Like the Republican tax cut and health care plans, Ivanka Trump’s child care plan is a gift for the wealthy from the wealthy, because regular Americans and their struggles don’t exist in the Trump mind.