A Presidential Humiliation As Nearly 60% Americans Of Think Trump As An Embarrassment

A new Marist Poll found that Donald Trump is worse than unpopular. By a margin of 58%-33%, respondents described President Trump’s conduct as embarrassing.

According to The Marist Poll, “Trump’s job approval rating is upside down with 41% of voters saying they approve of the job he is doing and 49% reporting they disapprove. Democrats, 81%, African American voters, 74%, and Latino members of the electorate, 63%, are particularly displeased with how Trump is doing as president. To make matters worse for the president, close to six in ten Americans, 58%, say his conduct makes them feel embarrassed while only 33% report the president’s actions make them feel proud.”

The rest of the Marist data lines up with what other polls have found. Trump’s entire base of support consists of Republicans (85% approval), conservatives (72% approval), and evangelical Christians (64% approval). Only 38% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the President, and 55% believe that Trump is not honest and trustworthy.

The fact that Americans are embarrassed by their president gives Democrats a powerful tool to argue against Trump’s policies. George W. Bush beat Al Gore with a promise to restore honor and dignity to the White House, and the polling numbers suggest that there is a powerful argument waiting to be tapped into against Trump’s policies and his presidency.

During the Democratic Leadership Debate on Wednesday night, Rep. Keith Ellison made a powerful argument for impeaching Trump to save the US Constitution and democracy. This is the type of moral case that Democrats need to be making. It isn’t enough to argue against Trump’s personal morals.

President Trump is an embarrassment to his country, and there aren’t too many more powerful political arguments for replacing a president than the case that his presence in the office disgraces an entire nation.