Trump Lays The Groundwork For Feds Invading Chicago With Latest Tweet

Just a month after Donald Trump proposed sending the feds to fix Chicago’s “horrible carnage,” he took to Twitter again to slam the Windy City, saying they “need help.”

“Seven people shot and killed yesterday in Chicago,” Trump said in his tweet. “Chicago needs help!”


Once again, it seems that Trump is making a knee-jerk response to media reporting and capitalizing on violence that has plagued Chicago in recent years. His tweet comes on the same day that The Chicago Tribune reported that homicides in the city are already outpacing last year’s numbers.

Trump’s post is only the latest sign that he remains fixated with violence in Chicago. Last month he shot this tweet out suggesting that he’s open to sending “feds” into the city:

While Chicago has become a nice talking point for Republicans, including Trump, who like to blame the city’s tight gun laws for the increasing violence, it is loose gun laws in neighboring Indiana – Mike Pence’s state – that drive violence in the Windy City.

If Trump is really serious about reducing violence in big cities (and small towns) across the United States, he should consider doing something that study after study shows is most effective: tighten gun laws.

Until then, his promise to save Chicago is nothing but bluster.