CNN’s Jake Tapper Unloads And Blasts the Trump White House as Un-American

After the Trump White House banned media outlets that reported on its attempt to silence the FBI about its investigations into Trump’s Russia connections, CNN’s Jake Tapper had had enough.

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“This White House doesn’t value an independent press,” Tapper said. “There’s a word for that line of thinking: The word is Un-American.”

Watch a clip here, shared by MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin:

This is how the media should deal with Trump’s attempt to shut it down.

This is no time for debate which might lend the Trump White House cover. The country is on fire right now, and it’s vital that the press be allowed to cover the contacts between the Trump campaign and administration and Russian intelligence agents, as well as the Trump White House and their attempt to silence the FBI in what John Dean said bore the hallmarks of a cover-up.

What the Trump White House is doing is un-American, and they are doing this un-American thing to silence an investigation into an even more un-American activity. Or, as Republicans call it, “Making America Great Again.”

Image: Jake Tapper screengrab via CNN’s The Lead

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