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John Dean Drops A Bombshell By Accusing The White House Of A Russia Cover-Up

Former White House counsel John Dean is a Watergate cover-up expert, so there’s reason to believe he knows a cover-up when he sees one. Dean sees a cover-up in the Trump administration because the Trump White House is trying to lean on the FBI.

Asked if this is indicative of a cover-up, Dean replied during an appearance on CNN Friday afternoon, “Indeed it is. I come from the Watergate era, where the White House leaned heavily on the FBI… When a White House leans on the FBI, they’re in a cover-up mode.”

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“When a White House leans on the FBI, they’re in a cover-up mode. There are three FBI investigations going on right now. One goes into what happened pre-election, what was the influence or connection between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” Dean said.

“The other one is the interim between the election and the inauguration, we’re trying to figure out exactly who Flynn was talking to and who else was involved, was Trump involved in really undercutting the Obama administration’s sanctions,” the former Nixon counsel explained.

“And the third investigation is looking at the dossier that was produced by the MI6 former intelligence agent, Mr. Steele, to see if there is some validity to some of those things that he outlined in that dossier.”

Parts of that dossier have been corroborated so far, which lends credence to the idea that some of the more troubling reports that Donald Trump has been compromised by the Russians are accurate.

“So there’s a lot of FBI investigations, but the White House is not cooperating in any of this. When the Chief of Staff even talks about this with the number 2 man in the FBI, he’s sending signals.”

Dean is referring to reports that the Trump White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus talking to the FBI.

The White House and FBI shouldn’t be talking at all, 2016 Independent candidate and former CIA operations office Evan McMullin explained, saying he was “shocked by how inappropriate those kinds of communication are.” McMullin called for an independent investigation and more transparency for the existing investigations.

Earlier Friday afternoon, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called for massive investigations into Trump and his administration’s dealings with the FBI. The problem here for Trump is not only is it the cover-up, but it opens the door to investigating the Trump campaign’s dealings with the FBI during the election.

There is no other reason for the White House to be leaning on the FBI to silence them about their investigations and try to force them into claiming there’s no problem with Russia and Trump.

The day started off with Trump freaked out over the “leaks” coming from the intelligence community, after the FBI refused to downplay Trump’s Russian connections. Trump claims these leaks are the problem, but the only reason the IC is being forced to leak to the media is because the Trump administration is trying to quash investigations into his problematic relationship with Russian intelligence agents.

Donald Trump has placed America in jeopardy and the intelligence communities are the last defense. They’re doing everything they can to force these investigations, while the majority of Republicans in Congress play the cowards with party-first attitudes blockading what needs to happen here.

This is no email scandal. This is real, and it could destroy the fundamental freedoms of the U.S.A. if not stopped. In fact, it could undermined Western democracies, as Putin has always wanted, since U.K officials now suspect Russian interference took place in the Brexit vote.

John Dean knows a cover-up when he sees one, and he sees one right now in the Trump White House.

Image: John Dean, screengrab via CNN

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