Trump committed voter fraud in Florida

One Number In A New Poll Contains Horrible News That Should Terrify Trump

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll contained the worst news yet for Trump. By a more than two to one margin (53%-25%), the American people want Congress to investigate Trump’s communications with Russia.

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NBC News reported, “The new poll, conducted February 18-22, shows that 53 percent of the American public wants Congress to look into the alleged communications, while 25 percent disagree and 21 percent say they don’t have an opinion…. A similar share — 54 percent — believe that Congress should look into Russian interference in the election generally, while 29 percent disagree.”

The number that should scare the Trump White House is 53%. By more than a two to one margin, the American people want an investigation. To put this in terms that President Trump can understand, if there is an investigation, the television ratings will be huge for the hearings.

It is one thing for Trump to be unpopular. That’s never good for any president, but every president goes through periods of unpopularity. It is more serious for the American people to think that their president is dishonest and untrustworthy. However, when a majority of Americans are demanding that Congress investigate the President Of The United States that hints of a brewing constitutional crisis.

All of Trump’s behavior from his claims of fake news and fake polls to banning journalists from attending press briefings can all be traced back to the Russia scandal.

The White House is already showing signs of being completely freaked out about Russia, but this new NBC News poll is proof is horrible news for the Trump administration that should send a wave of terror through 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because if an investigation happens, impeachment becomes a possibility.

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