Nancy Pelosi Calls for Massive Investigations Into Trump Administration’s Abuse of Power

You know what they say: It’s the cover-up.

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In the wake of the report that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus tried to coerce the FBI into denying its investigation into the relationship between President Trump and his campaign with Russian intelligence agents, an act Pelosi labeled as potentially illegal, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called for both the DOJ and Congress to launch an investigation into the Trump administration’s conversations with the FBI.

“The Trump White House has been caught trying to pressure the FBI into undermining a vital national security investigation into the explosive ties between senior Trump officials and Russian intelligence agents, an action which is in violation of Department of Justice rules and which may also be illegal,” the Democratic Leader said in a statement issued Friday.

Pelosi called Priebus’ actions a “grave abuse of power”, “Political interference in the integrity of an FBI investigation into the conduct of White House officials is a grave abuse of power. The rule of law depends on the FBI’s complete independence, free from political pressure from the targets of its investigations.”

“White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has committed an outrageous breach of the FBI’s independence. Priebus has not only damaged his reputation but tainted the impartiality of the FBI.”

“The Department of Justice’s Inspector General must open a new investigation into any and all conversations Priebus and other White House officials held with the FBI on ongoing investigations. Congress must also launch an independent, bipartisan commission to ensure the American people get the facts free from the Trump Administration’s meddling. The American people deserve to know the truth.”

The Trump administration’s attempts to silence the FBI were clumsy and ridiculous. Trump made things worse by throwing a fit Friday morning, and then he put a cherry on his earlier fit during his later temper tantrum at CPAC.

What makes this massive is that an investigation into the Trump administration’s dealings with the FBI over the Russia investigation would open the door to investigating the Trump campaign’s dealings with the FBI.

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