Trump Begs Democrats To Approve His Cabinet and Repeal Obamacare For Him

President Trump begged Democrats to approve his cabinet, and “get smart” on healthcare, which means he wants them to give him political cover by voting to repeal Obamacare during his speech at CPAC.

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Trump said, “You know, I still have people out there waiting to be approved, and everyone knows they’re going to be approved. It’s just a delay, delay, delay. It’s really sad. It’s really sad. And these are great people. These are some great people. We still don’t have our cabinet. I assume we’re setting records for that. That’s the only thing good about it. We’re setting records. I love setting records, but I hate holding a cabinet meeting, and I see all these empty seats. I said Democrats, please, approve our cabinet, and get smart on health care if you don’t mind.”

Republicans are desperate to get Democrats to help them repeal Obamacare because they are trying to figure out a way to avoid taking all the blame for taking away health care from 20-30 million Americans. Democrats are not going to help Republicans repeal Obamacare. Trump and his party are going to own throwing people off of their health care plans.

On the topic of Trump’s cabinet, the President has not nominated an Agriculture Secretary yet. The President has only nominated a few dozen candidates for the more than 700 positions that require Senate approval. The reason why Donald Trump doesn’t have a full cabinet is that he has not nominated people for the positions.

Senate Democrats are using all of the tools at their disposal, and they have ground this president’s administration to a halt.

In more than a month, Trump has signed only two pieces of legislation. A waiver for Mattis to be Defense Secretary, and a roll back of an Obama regulation so that coal companies can pollute streams.

Those are Trump’s two legislative accomplishments.

Senate Democrats are winning, and they are making Donald Trump beg to get anything done.

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