Trump Raves Like An Unhinged Lunatic Against The Press In Credibility Torching CPAC Rant

President Trump raved like a crazy man at CPAC against all of the imaginary injustices committed against him by the free press, and in the process, this president made sure that he will zero credibility with anyone outside of the Republican Party.


Donald Trump ranted against media stories that were negative towards him, polls that are negative towards him, press that uses unnamed sources, even though his own White House often refuses to go on record and provides information to reporters on a background only basis, which means that their names can’t be used in any reporting.

Trump claimed that nobody loves the First Amendment more than him, but the First Amendment also gives him the right to rant about press stories that he doesn’t like. What the First Amendment doesn’t do is give a president the right to delegitimize facts and the free press.

The President destroyed any hope that Republicans may have still held that the rest of the country will ever take him seriously. Donald Trump continues to behave like a small man who is obsessed with his media coverage.

The man who is occupying the White House is completely unable to behave like a president.

At a time when polls show that 54%-55% of Americans believe that the President is dishonest and that nearly 60% of Americans are embarrassed by his behavior, Donald Trump continues to try to paint others as being “fake.”

The American people see through Trump. A Quinnipiac University poll released this week found that the media is trusted more than Trump by a margin of 52%-37%.

President Trump’s ravings against the press play into a mythology of liberal media bias in the conservative movement that dates back to Richard Nixon, but not non-Trump supporters watching these performances, the President looks like a lunatic who has zero credibility.

Every time that Trump opens his mouth, he brings his presidency another step closer to the end.