Hillary Clinton Shows Why Democrats Will Ultimately Triumph While Congratulating Tom Perez

This is why Democrats are ultimately, in the long game, in a stronger position than Republicans.

2016 Democratic Presidential nominee and popular vote winner Hillary Clinton congratulated a united Tom Perez and Keith Ellison after Perez won as DNC Chair and immediately selected his opponent Ellison as Deputy. Clinton wrote, “Excited for strong, unified party standing for best of our country into the future.”

Former President Barack Obama weighed in with praise for the new DNC leadership team of Tom Perez and Rep. Keith Ellison as well. You remember President Obama, he’s the guy whose 8 years of a presidency flew by without a scandal, full of competency and measured, calm responses to all kinds of events, including morally repugnant attempts by elected Republicans to troll him with racist attacks on his family.

A reply to Clinton by Jordan Uhl pointed out that the two candidates had switched their buttons (a move that upset Republican strategists who love to push “Dems in Disarray” to distract from their Putin Trojan Horse):

Tom Perez and Keith Ellison showed the spirit that drives the Democratic Party– “stronger together”, united in cooperation to be the best they can be, for the betterment of their party and the country.

Republicans are stuck with a President whose inner circle is full of back-stabbing chaos and intrigue, tinged with the rotten stench of the Kremlin.

Democrats, on the other hand, are emerging from a “lost” election to realize that their values were winners — inclusiveness, equality, fair living wages, and unity are good messages for their base and the middle.

It’s not everyone who can or will directly take on on Vladimir Putin, the Koch Brothers, Citizens United, the NRA gun lobby, Republican dark money and Russian tricks, and misogyny.

But Hillary Clinton did.

And she still managed to win the popular vote by 3 million votes, at a time when money can buy almost anything in politics and Republicans are playing with a hostile, aggressive foreign country during an election just so they can elevate their party.

The values Clinton espoused during the 2016 election and indeed walked the talk of during her entire career are the values that will carry the Democratic Party forward, as long as the people in charge remain focused on people first policies.