Trump Is Selina Meyer As White House Leaks Details Of Investigation Into Leaks

The Trump White House is like HBO’s Veep come to life in the political world as the White House managed to leak details of their own investigation into leaks.

Politico reported:
Upon entering Spicer’s office for what one person briefed on the gathering described as “an emergency meeting,” staffers were told to dump their phones on a table for a “phone check,” to prove they had nothing to hide.


The phone checks included whatever electronics staffers were carrying when they were summoned to the unexpected follow-up meeting, including government-issued and personal cell phones.

Spicer also warned the group of more problems if news of the phone checks and the meeting about leaks was leaked to the media. It’s not the first time that warnings about leaks have promptly leaked. The State Department’s legal office issued a four-page memo warning of the dangers of leaks — that memo was immediately posted by the Washington Post.

The White House warned people about leaking which was promptly leaked.

It is difficult not to view the Trump White House as a real-life version of the HBO series Veep. Much like Veep’s lead character Selina Meyer, Trump obsesses over his own image and how he is portrayed in the media. The Trump team is full of egos and incompetence that stumble from one self-inflicted crisis to another.

While we all can laugh at Veep and what the show says about the people that populate our politics, Donald Trump is supposed to be the president. It is troubling that he has so little control over the people who work in his White House that they would leak an investigation into leaks.

The leaks are an endless circle that is consuming his presidency. The more leaks come out, the more obsessed Trump becomes.

It is fitting that the reality TV president best resembles a fictional character from a comedy about political dysfunction and incompetence.

Donald Trump is Selina Meyer, but his presidency is no joke.