Turns Out Trump And Every Republican Lied For Years About Obamacare Replacement Plan

A picture is emerging of the chaos surrounding the Republican plan to replace Obamacare. It turns that there never was a Republican plan to replace the ACA and Trump his party lied to the country for years about having a health care plan of their own.

The Washington Post painted a picture of a party that is a rudderless ship on health care:

While leaving most of the detail work to lawmakers, top White House aides are divided on how dramatic an overhaul effort the party should pursue. And the biggest wild card remains the president himself, who has devoted only a modest amount of time to the grinding task of mastering health-care policy but has repeatedly suggested that his sweeping new plan is nearly complete.


Yet some lawmakers, state leaders and policy experts who have discussed the matter with either Trump or his top aides say the administration is largely delegating the development of an ACA substitute to Capitol Hill. The president, who attended part of a lengthy heath-care policy session his aides held at Mar-a-Lago a week ago, appears more interested in brokering specific questions, such as how to negotiate drug prices, than in steering the plan’s drafting.


The legislative branch, the House first and foremost, is providing the policy,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), who noted that the White House lacks “a big policy shop” and that Price and some key principals just recently got in place.

Republicans have been telling the country for years that they have a better way to do health care than the ACA, but this boast was a lie. Republicans in Congress have nothing. They are a deeply divided party that is getting zero leadership and guidance from their president. When Trump claimed that his health care plan would be immediately revealed during the campaign, he lied. When Republican Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan claimed that he had a better more patient-centered way on health care, that too was a lie. When Trump promised last week that his health care plan would be released soon, it was another lie.

Republicans have never had anything, which makes it likely that they are going to replace the ACA with nothing. Don’t be fooled by Republican promises; the plan has always been to take health care away and replace it with nothing.