Trump’s Budget Director Admits The Trump Budget Makes No Sense

Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was challenged by reporters about the Trump budget’s numbers not adding up. Mulvaney’s answer was that this was what Trump promised to do, which is an admission that Trump’s numbers make no sense.


NBC News’ Kristen Welker pointed out that Trump is proposing a twelve percent budget cut across all agencies, but Trump’s cut to foreign aid wouldn’t pay for one year of Trump’s budget increases, and asked how he squared it?

Mulvaney answered, “Yes, it’s a very small part of the discretionary budget, but it’s still consistent with what the President said. When you see these reductions, you’ll be able to tie it back to a speech the President gave, or something that the President said recently. He’s simply going to. We are taking his words and turning them into policies and dollars.”

The question he was asked was about making the numbers add up. Mulvaney’s answer was about putting out a budget that makes it look like Trump is keeping his promises, even if those promises are fiscally impossible, and make no sense.

Trump’s numbers simply don’t add up. There is enough to be cut in the discretionary budget to offset the $54 billion increase in military spending that the President wants.

The only way that the math could work is if Trump cut Social Security and Medicare.

Otherwise, the Trump budget blueprint is nothing more than a political document that is designed to make it look like the President is keeping his promises.

In the real world, the Trump budget goals are a pile of contradictory gibberish that doesn’t add up and makes zero sense.