Bernie Sanders Annihilates Trump With Facts In His Rebuttal To Congressional Speech


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) leveled President Trump with a forceful fact based rebuttal that exposed the unpopularity of the Trump agenda.



Sanders pointed out that Trump never mentioned climate change, justice reform, and Citizens United. Sen. Sanders (I-VT) reminded America that Trump didn’t say one word about making colleges more affordable and addressing the crisis of student debt.

Sanders went on to attack Trump for not draining the swamp. The Senator from Vermont hit Trump for breaking his campaign promise of reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act.

Sen. Sanders said that some of what Trump said looks good on the surface. Sanders exposed Trump’s infrastructure plan as bogus and said that the had a hard time not laughing out loud when Trump spoke about protecting clean air and water.

Sanders said that Trump is going to pay for his Pentagon spending spree by slashing funding for programs for the elderly, sick, and the poor.Sanders hit Trump for wanting to give the wealthy a $3 trillion tax cut.

Sanders busted Trump for lying about the US having the highest corporate tax rate in the world.

Sen. Sanders showed Democrats how a rebuttal should be done. He came out and challenged Trump’s priorities directly.

Most importantly, Bernie Sanders exposed Trump’s false statements, while delivering the truth. Bernie Sanders said the things that Donald Trump doesn’t want the American people to know.

Sanders’ speech was how a rebuttal should look. He was aggressive while tapping into the grassroots energy and rage against the Trump administration. Sanders said that Republicans aren’t so cocky anymore about repealing the Affordable Care Act. He called on people to continue the fight and make their voices heard.

Sen. Sanders said that Republicans are on the defensive, and he urged more people to get involved.