German Media Warns That The Right’s “Hitler-like Führer” Worship of Trump is Dangerous

Perhaps our media is confused about where the dangerous “fake news” is coming from, in their increasingly ridiculous attempts to treat the obvious as debatable, but the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel is not.

The magazine noted for its investigative journalism outed “America’s biggest conspiracy theorist” and “epitome of fake news” Alex Jones as Trump’s propagandist, warning of the dangers of his treatment of Trump as some kind of “Hitler-like Führer”.

So that’s alarming.

Writing of the relationship between Alex Jones and President Trump, Der Spiegel observed that Jones sees himself as the conspiracy arm of the presidency, “The unsettling thing about this, though, is that Jones has begun to treat his company as a sort of propaganda arm of the presidency, one that is mobilizing the infantry to save the homeland. This can be more dangerous than simply spreading a few unfounded conspiracy theories.”

“Together with right-wing nationalist websites like Breitbart News, Gateway Pundit and LifeZette, which also have good access to the White House, Jones sees himself as part of a right-wing front that aims to break the power of the traditional media,” The magazine warned in an article published on Tuesday.

“When Jones talks about the president, it sounds as if he were talking about some Hitler-like Führer. He refers to the first few weeks of the Trump presidency as a ‘total victory.'”

Speaking of “loony, marginal figures” who are being mainstreamed by Trump, they write, “There is no one this applies to more than Jones, the epitome of fake news.”

Alex Jones is a Sandy Hook denier, for example, to give you an idea of where his moral compass sits. Our President has been on his show, apparently not only not bothered by the cruel insanity Jones promotes, but indeed Trump seems to get his “facts” from Jones at times.

There is a common bond between President Trump and Alex Jones. A bromance on par with Trump’s deep admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A bromance to make Americans long for the days of the innocent and family-values oriented Obama Biden bromance.

“‘Your reputation is amazing,’ Trump raved when he was a guest on Jones’ show during the campaign,” the magazine reminded viewers.

Scared yet? Just wait. The relationship between Donald Trump and America’s fake news conspiracy artist Alex Jones is more than skin deep, the two share a mindset.

Alex Jones told Der Spiegel that he is in “regular contact with the president and feeds him his ideas.”

On Monday evening, Jones’ Infowars claimed to have received an exclusive sneak preview from the White House of President Trump’s remarks to a joint session of Congress, but other outlets received the same briefing (there was an off camera background briefing on Trump’s Address to the Joint Session of Congress Monday evening, according to a White House Press Office release sent to PoliticusUSA).

“Here’s the deal: I know I get White House credentials, we’ve already been offered them, we’re going to get them, but I’ve just got to spend the money to send somebody there,” Jones has said.

Der Speigel is not confused about who is the partisan here, noting that Jones, “He spewed hate-filled tirades against the Democrats for months.”

Our own media won’t admit that Trump is constantly spewing hate about Democrats, as are many shows on Fox News and certainly other conservative outlets, which Der Spiegel called “echo chambers of hate.” This hate is what has led to the dysfunction in Washington, but to hear Trump and Republicans complain, you’d think they are the innocent victims here. To advance that belief is to ignore context completely.

Luckily other countries are not subject to the “close your eyes and pretend both sides do it the same” enabling that our media is.

The interview with Jones ended with him taking his shirt off while shoving meat into his mouth and eventually offering the Der Spiegel reporter a sausage, saying “Wanna suck?”

That crude attempt to be BMOC exemplifies the barbaric stupidity of the Trump White House.

I have refrained from making comparisons of Trump to Hitler, but now Germany has done it for us – warning us of the slavish devotion and propaganda coming from the far right. They ought to know.

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