Trump Blames Jewish People For Threats And Attacks On Jewish Community Centers

President Trump is claiming that Jewish people themselves are calling in bomb threats and vandalizing Jewish cemeteries.

Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed News reported:

The Pennsylvania Attorney General claims that Donald Trump said to him that Jewish people might be behind the threats and attacks on Jewish Community Centers to “make others look bad.”

The criticism came quickly from The Anti-Defamation League. ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said, “It is incumbent upon the White House to immediately clarify these remarks. In light of the ongoing attacks on the Jewish community, it is also incumbent upon the President to lay out in his speech tonight his plans for what the federal government will do to address this rash of anti-Semitic incidents.”

There have been more than 100 bomb threats made against Jewish Community Centers, and President Trump’s comments will only serve to add fuel to the fire. The Trump White House has played footsie with Anti-Semites, and the President’s comments today, if true, represent a continuation of the dog whistle politics that appeal to the many bigots and racists who supported his presidential campaign.

The White House is promising that Trump will talk about the JCC threats during his speech to a joint session of Congress tonight. The question is will he have a plan to combat these threats, or should the nation prepare for more winks towards the bigots that are a part of Trump’s base?

The President Of The United States should never be claiming that threats and attacks are “false flags.”

America needs a president, not a bigoted conspiracy theorist in chief.