Jeff Sessions Just Issued A Statement That Made The Russia Scandal Worse For Trump

Attorney General Sessions issued a statement in response to allegations that he lied under oath about contacts with Russia that was a denial that made it clear that special prosecutor is necessary.

Here is the Sessions statement:

The problem with Sessions denial is that it contradicts itself. Attorney General Sessions doesn’t deny meeting with Russia, but he also claims that they didn’t talk about the campaign.

By admitting that he met with Russian officials, Sessions has opened the door for more questions about who he met with, when did he meet with them, and what did they talk about?

The Sessions denial wasn’t a flat and firm denial, and that makes life even more difficult for Donald Trump.

The Attorney General could have answered that he never met with Russia period, but he didn’t say that. Sessions said something different that he met with Russia, but it wasn’t about the campaign.

The questions surrounding the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia have become overwhelming. Instead of putting out the fire, Jeff Sessions may have started an inferno.