Even the Trump White House Thinks D.C. Pundits Are Fools for Praising Him

Guys, last night was “the night Trump became president” if you watch D.C. pundits. Yes, because President Trump managed not to vomit on himself or grab any p*ssy on live TV, he is now Presidential.

This is the new narrative, a break if you will from the actual reality based coverage of Trump. And… Even the Trump White House thinks this is ridiculous.

Robert Costa reported that some sources in the White House are surprised by the warm pundit reaction, because they say Trump hasn’t changed and there is no actual policy shift.

When even the Trump White House thinks you are ridiculous and pathetically reaching for a new twist in a quickly growing stale but accurate narrative, maybe it’s time for a redo. There has been no shift toward humanity or even smart but conservative policy. There have been no apologies to the many groups Trump has insulted and bullied like a two year old from the pulpit.

The President is an admitted sexual assaulter, and yet D.C. loves him now. This is why D.C. disgusts me at times. And this is why I am glad we are not part of the beltway.

An example of the fawning:

It’s probably best for men to drop the “embrace Trump” thing, because he’s a predator. This is a specifically horrific thing to say to women who have good reason to resist.

All Trump has to do is next to nothing and he is suddenly deemed presidential. This take is brought to you by pundits who can afford to walk all over humanity because they are not impacted by the potential loss of healthcare, the demeaning of their religion or skin color or gender. Money and access to power erase those markers of vulnerability.

From the Bubble of D.C., I bring you the Child President. The bar is so low, that managing to go one evening without putting the world in peril is presidential. Sure, it was a speech full of lies and blaming others for his own actions, but OH MY GOD, we worship the presidential rich white man because the grading curve is that low.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, who commented above Costa’s tweet, “Even the Trump White House is surprised how vapid and gullible DC pundits can be” concluded, “‘THE NIGHT HE BECAME PRESIDENT'” garbage is gross even for D.C.

The political impact of pundits fawning over the absurd Russian Trojan Horse is probably nothing, but the real issue is the way the fourth estate is supposed to serve the people and instead has become a platform of narrative driving agreement.

In Hollywood screenwriting, we can’t have a bad guy just keep on being bad and horrible. There would have to be twists and turns. And in D.C., not only are we stuck with a corporate media that needs to keep changing the story to sell clicks and views, but we are stuck with pundits whose prize purpose is to sound clever.

What is more clever than announcing that you alone see the gold in this Child President? Oh, America, he might have mocked a disabled reporter, said Hillary Clinton might be shot, insulted all Muslims and Mexicans, treated the first black President like he was illegitimate, criminally treated women like dead objects to be used for his ego gratification and never apologized for a single one of these things, and sure he is still insulting all Democrats and the people who protest him and his policies are crap and he’s endangering the free world with his petulant ignorance — but GUYS.

The little white man child managed to get through a speech without causing WWIII and it was so moving. All hail the President of everyone. As Piers Morgan declared, the speech will help “heal” the division. Of course, Piers is a forever friend of Trump and not one of the groups Trump insults from the bully pulpit or whose freedoms and liberty are being dismantled by Trump, so it’s not clear what the basis is for this pronouncement. I’ll file it with Republicans announcing that Obama’s election meant we were now a “post-racial” country, before they proceeded to show us exactly how inaccurate that was.

Just so moving. So presidential. Aren’t you glad these same groupthink advocates warned us about Secret Hillary and her Private Pneumonia and reported on Democrats hacked emails and an FBI leak that led to nothing but just in time for an election, because without those things we might have to listen to these same people tell us how shrill Clinton is, and just not presidential.

Actions are everything but that doesn’t matter. The policies and attitudes haven’t changed, but the fawning to prove they aren’t biased has begun.

This country’s fourth estate is in dire, dire straights. This might be the single most pathetic collective elevating of mediocrity we’ve witnessed yet.

A gold star for Baby Trump because he didn’t blow up the world last night. If anyone else had given a speech this full of lies, the pundits wouldn’t have been falling over themselves declaring the emergence of “New Trump”.

There is no New Trump; but there is plenty of room for context-free punditry that declares a serial liar presidential.