Trump Harms Military Families With A Child Care Crisis That Makes The US Less Safe


President Trump has made the child care crisis among military families worse as his hiring freeze is forcing members of the military who defend the United States of America to be left without child care.

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel Dailey testified before Congress last month that access to child care is an essential service for military families, “This is a huge concern for us. Child care is critical to our success and something we have to continue to invest in for the future.”

Currently, there are 5,500 children waiting to get into Army daycare programs, and Trump’s federal hiring freeze is making the problem worse.


Here are some of the notices that have been going out to parents on military bases over the last few weeks:

Trump’s hiring freeze isn’t making government smaller and more efficient. It denies essential services to people like military parents.

Anyone who has to worry about affording child care can attest that it can be an all-consuming effort. Imagine being a member of the military who has to be prepared to defend the country at a moment’s notice, and also having to worry about your children not having access to daycare.

Military families deserve better than a president whose administration would implement such a harebrained and poorly thought out executive order that was based on nothing more than conservative small government ideology.

The president that is promising to spend $54 billion on a military build up is hurting the families on military bases by cutting off their health care.

Here is an idea for President Trump. Instead of spending tens of billions on military equipment and technology that the country doesn’t need, take that money and invest it into programs for military families and veterans.

Trump should stop compensating for his own inadequacies by buying big guns. A real president would take care of military families before buying himself some shiny new toys of war.