GOP Intelligence Chair Threatens To Investigate Reporters Who Talk To Russia About Trump

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) threatened to investigate journalists who talk to Russia about Donald Trump.


Chairman Nunes said:

nunes russia quote

Nunes tried to provide himself with some cover as before the quote above he was talking about Gen. Michael Flynn being recorded while he was in Russia as a private citizen, but the message that he was trying to send was obvious to journalists.

He was warning members of the press that if they investigate the Trump/Russia, Republicans in Congress may use their investigative powers to harass the free press.

Chairman Nunes also called for whistleblowers to come forward, but given his remarks about investigating journalists, it is unlikely that anybody with valuable information would take the risk of outing themselves to a Republican Congressman who has gone all in on protecting President Trump.

Republicans in Congress are closing ranks around Trump, which means that the Russia scandal will be capable of damaging the entire Republican Party.