The Noose Tightens As Nancy Pelosi Connects The Dots On Why Sessions Lies Are Trouble For Trump

Democratic House Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) connected the dots during her weekly news conference and explained why Attorney General Sessions’ lies before Congress are a big problem for Trump.


Pelosi said, “The reason we have been saying that Attorney General Sessions should step aside, and maybe should have never been confirmed is because he was a surrogate. He was a very important part. He was one of the first people in Congress to endorse President Trump, and now we see, although he has not told the truth about it, he had conversations with the Russian officials, which why didn’t he if they were innocuous admit it instead of lying about it? So this couldn’t be more stark in term of relationship to the campaign and who the Attorney General was speaking to.”

As Pelosi laid out, Jeff Sessions wasn’t just a supporter of the Trump campaign. He was a trusted surrogate who was on the inside. The scandal is getting closer to Donald Trump’s doorstep. Trump was criticized in many circles for nominating a person for attorney general who would not be independent.

That lack of independence has come back to haunt the President, as Sessions is now a link to the Russia scandal in the Trump campaign and the Trump White House. As more people who are closer to Trump are implicated in the scandal, it is becoming impossible to believe that Donald Trump knew nothing about his campaign’s contacts with Russia.

The noose is tightening around Trump’s neck, and the White House is running excuses to avoid a full-blown investigation into the Trump/Russia scandal.