Rachel Maddow Uses Leaked Document To Expose Trump’s Muslim Ban As Total BS

Rachel Maddow obtained a leaked DHS document that revealed that entire rationale behind President Trump’s Muslim ban is untrue BS.


Maddow said, “It tells us that the national security justification for the whole ban is, the setting up for extreme vetting is bull pucky in national security terms. There’s nothing they can set up at the border to tell you years down the road who might become a completely different and radical and violent person years from now because they haven’t been radicalized yet. So this tells us substantively, in terms of the substance of the matter, that the intelligence community thinks the Muslim ban is nuts. The intelligence community on national security grounds thinks the Muslim ban and the whole justification for it cuckoo.”

The MSNBC host said that the fact that the document was leaked to her told us something else, “That tells that people inside the government, people who have access to intelligence documents like this, they want this to be known. They want it on TV. They want this out, so that no matter what the administration says about what they are doing and why we can see what the career intelligence people actually think about what this government is doing before they presumably submarine this stuff.”

Maddow went on to call the Muslim ban a disaster, and she said that she thinks the Muslim ban is dead.

The whole reasoning behind Trump’s Muslim was that it was supposed to keep terrorists out of the country, but it turns out that there is no way to tell who is a terrorist and who isn’t because radicalization doesn’t occur for years after entry into the US. Thus, Trump’s Muslim has nothing do with keeping America safe, and everything to do with bigotry and discrimination against Muslims.

Rachel Maddow has done her country a great service. She exposed Trump’s Muslim ban to be the bigoted piece of un-American trash that most Americans believe it to be.

The free press has once against struck a great victory for transparency and informing the public against the Trump regime.