Russia Scandal Blows Up As Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Trump Investigations

In a move that will only add fuel to the Russia scandal fire, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from all investigations related to the Trump campaign.

Sessions said during a press conference that he never had meetings with Russian operatives about the Trump campaign. Sessions also denied that he was part of any exchange of information with Russian intermediaries was false. Sessions defended leaving out his meetings with the Russians during his confirmation hearing.

Attorney General Sessions denied that he answered the question dishonestly.

Sessions announced that he had recused himself from matters under investigation relating in any way to the Trump campaign.

This was a clear effort on the part of the Attorney General to bury the scandal, and as far as the American people are concerned, it should not be good enough. Sessions claimed that he doesn’t recall having any political discussions with the Russians.

Recusal is not a viable option. The only way for the American people to get the full truth is if Sessions resigns as Attorney General.

As long as Sessions stays, the scandal is only going to grow and rage on.