As the Russian Dominoes Fall, Trump Will Soon Be Left With No One to Blame

While North Dakota Republican lawmaker was criticizing Democratic women for wearing “bad-looking white pantsuits” the Trump administration was unraveling faster than the president’s alleged morals. It’s not quite scenes of Versailles c. 1789, but it’s not good.

Reactions to Trump’s new Jeff Sessions scandal, an offshoot of his Flynn Scandal, are pouring in from the Internet and it doesn’t look good for the ultra-sensitive Donald Trump, who has already blamed Democrats for his choosing a dishonest lawmaker as his AG over Democratic opposition.

Fox News is, of course, busily offering excuses and “alternative” facts, but as Newsweek‘s Kurt Eichenwald tweeted,

George Takei reacted with his usual wit:

As did Media MattersEric Boehlert:

In the background, if you listen, you can almost hear the cheering for the moment many knew would come:

This is important not because Sessions talked to the Russian ambassador but because he lied about it under oath, which raises real questions at Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) made clear:

The consequences of Republicans doing nothing will be far more revealing than anything actually said by the parties concerned, as National Security columnist John Schindler pointed out seven hours ago:

As Schindler said, “Sessions is completely compromised too. He must resign now. He has no business being AG.” First Flynn, now Sessions. Eventually, only Donald Trump will be left standing, with nobody else to blame for his sins.

George W. Bush has already vented on Donald Trump. Now his ethics lawyer from 2005-07, Richard Painter, has chimed on on Sessions, tweeting,

Last but not least, former Obama speechwriter John Favreau had a pointed question for Van Jones, who had called Trump “presidential” after his joint address to Congress:

We have already had ample evidence that Donald Trump does not subscribe to Harry Truman’s dictum that “the buck stops here.” The buck stops anywhere but at the Trump Oval Office.

Flynn, Democratis, Obama…Sessions eventually. At some point, there will be no one left to throw under the bus, and with jail calling, there will be some hard decisions for Trump to make. Because blaming Barack Obama isn’t going to save Trump from himself.