Trump’s Horrible Day Gets Worse As Senators Want Former Spy Behind Russia Dossier to Testify

Remember the “golden shower” dossier? Well, that dossier was later corroborated in key important parts, reportedly the senior Russian officials conspired to assist Trump’s win.

That matters, because it’s being reported that the British spy behind that dossier, Christopher Steele, the former MI6 spy, “has been approached about testifying before the US Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the new President’s alleged links with Russia.”

“Republicans and Democrats in Congress keen to facilitate discreet meetings in the UK or on neutral territory, as pressure grows on President,” the Independent reported in an exclusive.

Mr. Steele is apparently no fool as he is “unlikely” to be willing to travel to what used to be known as the free United States of America. “Mr Steele’s friends say it is currently unlikely he would be willing to travel to the US. But it is understood Democrats – as well as some Republicans – in Congress are prepared to facilitate discreet initial meetings in the UK or on other neutral territory.”

The Independent noted that Trump inaccurately called Steele a “failed spy”; he is actually highly respected and in fact “ultimately continued to work without pay because he was so worried by what he was discovering.”

“Friends” of Mr. Steele’s say he might be willing to speak about his findings if security conditions can be met.

This news comes on the day after Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Greg Miller of the Washington Post dropped the bombshell that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had in fact met with the Russian ambassador during the campaign, when Sessions was a close surrogate for now President Trump, and while the Russians were interfering in the U.S. election.

Sessions lied about this contact while under oath. Democrats are calling for Sessions to resign, while Republicans can’t make up their minds if Session should even recuse himself from investigating himself along with Trump’s ties to Russia.

Trump already had to ask his National Security Adviser to resign after he lied about his ties to Russia, and now it’s the person Trump put in charge of investigating domestic espionage.

Trump put a Russian plant in charge of national security and another in charge of investigating Russian plants.

Why do we need foreign intelligence agents to weigh in now? Because the majority of Congressional Republicans are too cowardly and too anti-American to put their country first.

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