Bernie Sanders Storms The South And Fights For Worker Rights By Marching In Mississippi

Sen. Bernie Sanders has announced that he will be marching with Nissan workers who are trying to form a union in Canton, Mississippi.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Sen. Sanders said, “I am proud to join the fight to give Nissan’s workers the justice, dignity and the right to join a union that they deserve. What the workers are doing is a courageous and enormously important effort to improve their lives.”

Nissan has unionized representation in 42 of its 45 plants around the world, but not in Tennessee or Mississippi. Sanders stated a basic truth, “The American South should not be treated differently.”

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) is in charge of outreach for Senate Democrats, and his march with workers on Saturday highlights a key piece of the Sanders strategy to rebuild the Democratic Party. There are Democrats in Mississippi, but even if there were none, it is important for Democrats and the left to go into Republican-controlled states and fight for their values like the workers’ rights.

Democrats aren’t going to rebuild their party by just appealing to cities and suburbs. The Democrats need to take their platform national. They won’t win the early red state fights but can build viable Democratic Parties in all 50 states.

The road is a long one, and the task is tall, but politics are dynamic and ever changing, no door remains closed forever. Sen. Sanders is taking the fight for liberal values to the South because wherever people are fighting rights, Democrats, liberals, and progressives should be standing with them.