As Marco Rubio Says Cabinet Full, Trump Attacks Dems for Not Approving Full Cabinet

Donald Trump wasn’t done ranting this morning when he went off on alleged Democratic witch hunts, following his tweetstorm up by complaining that “Dems have still not approved” his full cabinet:

This has been another frequent Trump complaint. Only, there is a fly in the buttermilk: Two, actually. One is that just the other day on Fox & Friends, Trump said,

“When I see a story about ‘Donald Trump didn’t fill hundreds and hundreds of jobs,’ it’s because, in many cases, we don’t want to fill those jobs.

“Many of those jobs I don’t want to fill. I say, isn’t that a good thing? That’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing. We’re running a very good, efficient government.”

Yet, as of this morning, he complains he suddenly doesn’t have enough people.

The other fly was pointed out by Washington Bureau Chief of the pan-Arab Al-Hayat, Joynce Karam, who noticed this discrepancy:

That’s right. Marco Rubio says they’re filled. All of them.

So are they or aren’t they? As it happens, they are. Filled, that is. Per The New York Times yesterday, Trump’s cabinet is full with four positions for whom hearings have yet to be determined.

These include R. Alexander Acosta, nominee for Labor Secretary, Dan Coats, nominee for Director of National Intelligence, and Robert Lighthizer, nominee for U.S. Trade Representative.

The last of these, and nominee for Agriculture Secretary, is Sonny Perdue.

However, as ABC News reported just yesterday,

President Donald Trump picked former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue to be his agriculture secretary six weeks ago, but the administration still hasn’t formally provided the Senate with the paperwork for the nomination.
The delay is frustrating farm-state senators, who represent many of the core voters responsible for helping elect Trump.

Others, like Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon did not require Senate approval. Trump is entirely to blame for these selections.

The only glaring absence is this single position, for whom there is no name and that is because Trump has not chosen anyone:

Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
Not yet chosen
The head of the council, who advises the president on economic policy, is typically drawn from acadamia [sic].

If Trump’s cabinet is not full, it is not, as he claims, the fault of Democrats. This is just more deflecting from Donald Trump, whose presidency is unraveling before our eyes and under the weight of its own lies and excuse-making.

Trump can blame Democrats and Barack Obama all he wants, but his failures are all his own.