Analyst Predicts Least Convenient Facts in American Political History To Be Dropped On Trump

Strategic analyst for businesses and government agencies Eric Garland, who has been on top of intelligence drops in the past and has spent 18 years in the business of competitive intelligence and strategy, predicted Saturday, “Our intelligence and law enforcement professionals are about to produce the least convenient facts in American political history.”

Garland’s suggestion is more than confirmed by other intelligence community experts, some of whom are going straight for the jugular right now with “crime” and “Russia mafia” references.

Perhaps like this:

Garland made a point that I have been trying to get across since the Russia smoke surfaced before the election – this isn’t about Trump, it’s about Putin causing Americans to lose faith in reality and in government:

Trump is assisting Putin (inadvertently or not) in the dismantling of American trust:

This might be what is meant by Trump will put us in a civil war to protect himself:

No one can say what will happen next, even those closest to this explosive scandal, because there are so many moving parts and variables. But one thing is for sure, Donald Trump is surrounded by Russian smoke and the furious rubbing of intelligence sticks around the world seem about to burst into an inextinguishable flame.

Beyond bringing Trump down, Garland brings up the horror that could follow. Trump might have handed this country to Putin on a silver platter, dividing us and causing us to question reality in a way that makes us easy pickings.

Trump might have been the obvious move, but Putin’s plan doesn’t stop with Trump. So even if Trump is brought down, the danger to our democracy will continue.

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