Jaws Drop As Malcolm Nance Tells AM Joy Trump Is Acting Like He Knows He’s Caught

On MSNBC’s AM Joy, intelligence and counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance dropped an insightful shocker. Nance interpreted President Trump’s behavior of that of a target who is getting buggy because they know that they are caught.


Nance said, “If I can just touch for a moment, Joy, on the question of wiretapping. I’ve been involved in a lot of very advanced collection of operations in my world. I have no idea what Donald Trump is talking about with wiretapping. We do not even do that the way he probably thinks from The Sopranos where we’re actually running a wire and putting bugs into his office. You know this is very dangerous because the people who would be tasked in Justice. If there are any questions coming from the White House starting today, or anytime in the foreseeable future on how they actually do collections, it means they’re preparing for a cover-up, because they want to know how they’re actually getting this information. This is what happens when a target starts getting buggy because he knows that he’s caught.”

There was no need for Trump to preemptively launch a discrediting attack by claiming that Obama wiretapped him unless he knows what’s coming out soon. Trump is trying to explain away what it is about to revealed before it becomes public.

The Obama wiretapped me excuse is a partisan political ploy that is intended to keep Republicans rallied around him no matter what information comes to light.

Donald Trump isn’t rambling to distract. He is trying to get out ahead of damaging information to save his presidency.

In other words, Trump knows he’s caught, and the Saturday morning tweets were his first attempt at damage control.