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Former Obama Adviser Humiliates Trump By Explaining That Presidents Can’t Order Wiretaps

After Donald Trump had accused President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election, former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told Trump that it is because of people like him that presidents don’t have the power to order wiretaps.

Trump’s tweets caught the White House off-guard, because they had no idea that he was going to launch into a conspiracy about Obama tapping his phones:

Former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes dropped some a humiliating facts on Trump:

There is a pattern to Trump’s tweet attacks. Before the stories on Attorney General Sessions’ meetings with Russia came out, Trump went on tweet storm attacking the press and The New York Times.

A president can’t order wiretaps. It is alarming that the current president seems to have no idea what the powers of the presidency are. Rhodes was correct. Presidents don’t have the unilateral power to order wiretaps. The reason why the nomination of Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General was so troubling for many was that it was a direct attack on the idea of Justice Department independence.

Trump’s tweets suggest that he is trying to preemptively defuse another Russia bomb that is about to drop on his administration.

The President is not only humiliating himself. He is also embarrassing the country.

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