The Only Question Now is When Donald Trump Realized How Much Trouble He Was In

Donald Trump’s unreadiness to be president was dramatically highlighted this morning when he went off on a tweetstorm accusing President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower.

Not only was the point driven painfully home that the president does not have this authority, but that he does not have this authority precisely because of people like Trump.

What makes it worse is that Trump alone probably does not realize what these revelations reveal to the world about his character, or rather, his lack of it.

What Trump is aware of is that the net is closing around him. As former Vermont Governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean tweeted, and as surely Trump knows by now or he would not have embarked on this morning’s rampage,

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In fact, the wiretaps were no secret and even granting Trump’s resistance to learning, it stretches credulity that he just learned of them:

If Donald Trump was ignorant of these things until this morning, it was a willful ignorance and by ranting like a lunatic about it did himself no favors.

What is obvious is that whether the revelation came later or sooner, Donald Trump is in real trouble. As Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said in a tweet this morning,

It is ironic that the man Donald Trump is blaming for all his troubles, Barack Obama, was awarded the “Profile in Courage” award by the The John F Kennedy Library foundation, which cited his “grace under pressure” – precisely that virtue Donald Trump so profoundly proved this morning that he lacked.

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