The Real President Returns As Obama Comes Back To Eviscerate Trump’s Wiretap Lies

President Obama reminded America of what a real president looks like by returning to demolish Trump’s lie that the former president ordered a wiretap on Trump Tower.

Statement from Obama:

Notice that former President Obama stated the obvious. He never wiretapped Trump Tower, because presidents can’t order surveillance. What has not been denied by anyone is that a warrant was obtained from the FISA court and Trump Tower was under surveillance.

President Obama remains something that Donald Trump is not. Obama is a principled person of ethics who believes in checks, balances, and the separation of powers. Compare Obama’s statement to Donald Trump’s belief that a president can authorize wiretaps.

Trump’s view of the presidency is like that of a totalitarian child. Donald Trump believes that this president is all powerful with no limitations. Trump never asked any experts if the president has the power to order wiretaps. He just ran with what he read on Breitbart and tweeted up a storm.

The senior citizen boy/child who wants to be taken seriously as president was just shown how it is done by Barack Obama. For the majority of Americans, Donald Trump will always be the pretender sitting in the Oval Office. Trump is the reality television star playacting what he thinks a president should be.

Barack Obama showed with one statement the difference between a pretend president and the real deal.