WH Sources Say Trump Threw Tantrum Over Sessions Decision to Recuse Himself

One of the factors that may have thrown Donald Trump into a very bad mood this morning beside a Breitbart headline was apparently the decision by Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, which led to a Trump meltdown on Friday in the Oval Office before he left for Florida.

According to The Washington Post‘s Robert Costa,

Politico reports that one person “briefed on events” said “There were fireworks” while ABC News reports that a senior White House official said Trump went “ballistic.”

That scene is easily imagined given the highly visible examples we have witnessed of Trump meltdowns.

More and more Donald Trump is coming to resemble an unhinged Adolf Hitler in his bunker waiting for somebody to save him from the consequences of his own decisions.

The truth is, this scene and its consequences could have been easily avoided if Donald Trump had listened to the very sensible critics who opposed the appointment of Jeff Sessions in the first place.

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