Al Franken Bursts Into Laughter Over Trump’s Crazy Wiretapping Accusations

“The President of the United States did not tap Donald Trump’s phone. I mean, that’s just ridiculous,” Senator Al Franken said, after bursting out in spontaneous laughter at President Trump’s ridiculous accusation against former President Barack Obama.

Watch Franken burst into laughter over Donald Trump not understanding how a FISA warrant works on ABC’s This Week:

Franken’s reaction is pretty much everyone’s reaction, as the Trump administration can’t even manage to produce an iota of evidence to back up yet another of Donald Trump’s wild accusations.

What does it mean to have seen potential? Is that like when Donald Trump claimed to have watched “thousands and thousands of people” in New Jersey (“a heavy Arab population”, he later explained) cheering on TV as the World Trade Centers crumbled to the ground on 9/11, when in fact this never happened?

They have seen potential but have no evidence. I suspect that means Donald Trump’s paranoid mind offered up the “potential”, and they will start a witch hunt to find evidence to back it up, like they do under an autocratic leader. Oh, wait, too late – Trump already called for a witch hunt into Obama. Like an autocratic leader.

A FISA warrant has to be applied for, and a President doesn’t get FISA warrants. Someone should check to see if THIS president isn’t getting them, since he seems so hellbent on believing it’s the way things are done.

The real issue here is what is on these wiretaps that Trump is so worried about. Because even if there are no taps on Trump Tower or Trump himself, every time someone in Trump’s camp speaks to a Russian spy/intelligence target, they are probably being recorded.

This would be a Trump’s fault, not an Obama’s fault.

If you don’t want tapes or transcripts of your discussions with Russian spies to become public, you shouldn’t pick a fight with the entire U.S. intelligence gathering community and the entire fourth estate. This would be obvious to anyone who didn’t operate like a thug. It’s called the most basic diplomacy.

But the fact that the intelligence community is so concerned with Trump’s ties to Russia that it is dropping intel with the press because Congressional Republicans have refused to step up to the plate to support an independent investigation of Putin’s hold over Trump is not Obama’s fault.

Again, this is Trump’s fault. The Russian communications will come out, no matter how many fingers Trump points from his corner. And they will reveal the truth about this president and how he got into office.

Image: Screengrab from ABC’s This Week