House Intel Democrat Calls Trump’s Bluff And Demands To See Evidence Obama Wiretapped Him

A member of the House Intelligence Committee is calling the Trump administration’s bluff on their claim that Obama wiretapped them by demanding to see Trump’s evidence.

In response to Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeting the White House’s demand for a congressional investigation into Trump, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) tweeted:

Trump is trying to distract Congress and investigators from his Russia scandal by throwing an imaginary Obama scandal in their direction. Trump’s demand for an investigation comes with no evidence. The President’s “evidence” remains nothing more than a story on Breitbart.

Why should Congress waste their time on an investigation when the Justice Department is capable of doing their own investigation? Trump is throwing this empty allegation at Congress to throw them off the scent of the real story. The fact that the White House would engage in such diversionary tactics only serves to add volume to the growing questions about what this White House is hiding.

Blaming Obama isn’t going to get Trump out of this mess, and at least one important member of Congress is already calling the White House’s bluff.