Kellyanne Conway Falls Flat On Her Face As White House Questions Her Lie On Trump Secret Intel

Less than two hours after Kellyanne Conway made the statement that Trump had secret intelligence evidence that Obama wiretapped him, it was reported that the White House is also leaving open the possibility that what Trump said wasn’t true.

Here is Kellyanne Conway claiming that Trump has secret intelligence that he was wiretapped by Obama:

Conway said, “Let me answer that globally. He is the President Of The United States. He has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not, and that’s the way it should be for presidents. I would note the timing that curiously the day after his joint session, which everybody’s polling, most honest analysts said was a complete home run for him.”

A few hours later, the AP reported that the White House is open to the possibility that what Trump said isn’t true, “White House officials on Monday defended President Donald Trump’s explosive claim that Barack Obama tapped Trump’s telephones during last year’s election, although they won’t say where that information came from and left open the possibility that it isn’t true.”

Last week, sources inside the White House said that President Trump obsessively watches Fox News in the mornings, so Kellyanne Conway was lying for an audience of one. The reason why many other news networks have banned or refuse to host Conway is that she lies for the purpose of pleasing Trump.

Others in Trump’s White House are open the possibility that the president that they work for lied to the American people, but to Conway the only thing that matters is keeping Trump happy.

Any network that books or hosts Kellyanne Conway should immediately lose credibility in the eyes of the American people.

A good rule of thumb for viewers to follow is that any statement that comes out of Kellyanne Conway’s mouth is a lie to please Donald Trump.

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