Republicans Unveil Obamacare Replacement That Screws Millions Of Poor People Out Of Health Care

House Republicans have posted a draft of their new Obamacare replacement bill, and the legislation if it became law would take health care away from millions of poor Americans.

The Republican bill would get states to keep Medicaid rolls low by penalizing states for giving too many people health care by penalizing them with less federal funding:

The block granting of federal Medicaid money will be a disaster for poor Americans. The funding restrictions and penalties will cause states to throw 14-20 million poor, disabled, and senior Americans off of Medicaid over the next decade. The changes that Republicans are proposing will cause 7.4 million poor and disabled Americans to lose their health coverage. If the Republicans get their way, funding for Medicaid will be cut by 26%-51%.

The Republican ACA replacement will punish Americans for being poor, disabled, or older. The level of cruelty in this proposal is appalling. House Republicans are about to harm some of the most vulnerable members of US society so that the wealthiest Americans can get a tax cut.

The GOP’s Obamacare replacement is unjust, immoral, un-American, and must be stopped at all costs.