Putin’s Puppet Trump Claims President Obama Let Putin Walk All Over Him

It’s remarkable to hear things like what Donald Trump tweeted this morning about President Obama being weak on Russia.

To make it worse, Trump showed right in his tweet where he is getting his information: Fox News. And this is the kind of hard-hitting journalism they’re doing on Fox & Friends this morning:

No talk here of Trump’s ties to Russia, or of Trump pleading with Vladimir Putin to hack Hillary’s emails, or of clandestine meetings between members of Trump’s team and Russian intelligence agents or of Michael Flynn lying about talking to the Russian ambassador and then lying about it, or of Jeff Sessions secretly meeting with him during the Republican National Convention.

No, what Fox & Friends want to know is just how guilty are Democrats of “Letting” Russians hack them.

While CNN’s “New Day” has a discussion about how little value there is in even interviewing Trump spokespersons because they don’t actually know anything, Fox & Friends is blaming the victim.

It is no wonder the one is “fake news” for Trump and the other is the administration’s state news agency.

Look, this is real simple: It was not President Obama who was taking orders from Vladimir Putin. It was not President Obama lying about how close a relationship he has with Vladimir Putin. It was not on President Obama’s behalf that Vladimir Putin intervened in the American election process, but on Donald Trump’s.

President Obama imposed sanctions. Donald Trump wants to weaken them and make nice to Vladimir Putin for hacking our elections.

The truth is, Donald Trump is very eager to please Vladimir Putin and the last thing on his mind is standing up to the Russian dictator. All those Russian flags his supporters wave aren’t a message to Putin to give back the Crimea.