Trump HHS Secretary Deviously Refuses To Admit Plan Takes Away Health Care From Millions

The Trump administration sent HHS Secretary Tom Price out to promote the House Republican Obamacare replacement bill, and when he was asked by reporters if the Republican plan took health care away from millions of people, Price dodged the question.

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Price was asked if he can guarantee if this plan will not have a negative impact on the deficit, or cause millions to lose their health care.

The HHS Secretary answered, “What I can say is that the goal and the desire on the Hill is to make certain that this does not increase the cost to the federal government.”

Price ignored the other half of the question, which concerned millions of people losing their health care, which said everything that the American people need to know.

Leaving out the part of the Republican plan where millions lose their health insurance is a devious act.

Republicans are doing their best to bury the reality that the increasingly doomed looking ACA replacement coming from the House will take health insurance and health care away from 20-40 million Americans.

They are hoping that the American people won’t notice that their health insurance is gone.

What Republicans are trying to pull isn’t just bad public policy, it is an unspoken act of cold, compassionless, evil.

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