Trump and Ryan Face Humiliating Defeat As GOP Obamacare Replacement Opposition Avalanches

The White House is trying to defend Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement bill, but they may be too late as the GOP opposition to the House bill has grown into an avalanche.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told America that this is the Obamacare replacement plan they’ve been waiting for:

Shortly after the Spicer’s press briefing, the Freedom Caucus held their own press conference featuring Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee who stated that the House Republican bill was not the bill they supported.

Video of the Freedom Caucus:

Sen. Paul summed up Republicans as being, “United on repeal, divided on replacement.” Paul wants a vote on all replacement plans, and he wants a vote on a clean Obamacare repeal bill.

Sen. Lee followed Paul and said, “What’s been introduced in the House in the last 24 hours is not the Obamacare replacement plan, not the Obamacare repeal plan we’ve been waiting for.”

The opposition to the House bill has expanded beyond the conservative groups like Heritage and FreedomWorks, and the four Republican Senators who oppose killing the Medicaid expansion. The opponents of this legislation have become so numerous that it is impossible to see how this bill passes in its current form.

If Ryan and Trump insist on trying to push this unpopular legislation through Congress, they will be defeated in humiliating fashion. Trump is an unpopular president who understands nothing about the policymaking process. He is not the person to bring a divided Republican majority together to pass major legislation.

The rebellion is on, and the Republican effort to replace Obamacare is looking increasing DOA.

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