Rachel Maddow Perfectly Explains Why The People Will Have To Bring Down Trump Themselves

With all of the Congressional investigations being controlled by Republicans affiliated with the Trump campaign, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow showed why it would be up to the people and the press to find the answers on the Russia scandal that could bring down Trump.


Maddow said,

Does this mean that we are finally going get access to what he knows? That we are finally going to get hear what backs this up? Is the Senate Intelligence Committee going to call him and have him testify like NBC reported late last week? Well, we called the Senate Intelligence Committee tonight, and they told us no, probably not. The press secretary to the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee told us, ‘It is not at all likely. At least, not at this moment.’ Christopher Steele is back. He’s alive. He’s out there. You guys investigating this wanna talk to him?

So far, it is us as American citizens. It is us in the press who are connecting the dots on this story, who are figuring this out. Do we have any reason to believe that any government official investigation into this scandal is doing the same? Honestly, it is a DOJ controlled by a Trump campaign official, or it’s two intelligence committees each controlled by a Trump, campaign official. Support your free press. It is really starting to feel like we’re going to have to do this ourselves.

The statements from the Republicans leading the intelligence committees that they will look at Trump’s allegation that Obama wiretapped him strongly suggest that the Congress can’t be trusted to do an independent investigation. With Jeff Sessions looming over the DOJ, it is unlikely that the FBI will be able to conduct an independent investigation.

If you want to understand why Democrats are demanding a special prosecutor, look no further than who is overseeing the investigations.

There is a giant scandal hanging over this White House. It is the kind of scandal that ruins a president and his party.

Republicans have a vested interest in protecting Trump.

They might be able to bury this scandal in Congress, but they can’t stop the free press and the American people from uncovering and spreading the truth.