Rachel Maddow Shows How The Pieces Are Coming Together To Blow Up Trump’s Russia Cover-Up

Last updated on March 10th, 2017 at 02:32 pm

Rachel Maddow explains that each day another piece of the Trump/Russia scandal comes together, and the White House denials fall apart.


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Maddow said:

More pieces of it are falling into place. The Trump campaign used to deny that any of its staffers, anyone related to the Trump campaign had any contact with any Russians during the campaign. Well, no. In fact, meetings between the Trump campaign and the Russians have now led to the resignation of the National Security Adviser. It’s led to the recusal of the Attorney General of the United States. The Trump campaign, as of last night, is not only admitting a trip to Russia by one of its official foreign policy advisers during the campaign but as of last night, they’re now admitting that this trip was authorized by the Trump campaign at the time he went to Moscow. Now, politico.com is reporting what is basically a direct Russian tie to that that change in the Republican Party platform to benefit Russia last year.

With each passing day, more parts of this dossier get corroborated, get supported by the facts, and previous denials by the Trump campaign whether it’s about Jeff Sessions, whether it’s about Carter Page, whether it’s about Mike Flynn, whether it’s about that Ukraine platform, whether it’s about Paul Manafort. Their previous denials are all falling apart.

We’re learning more about what happened. We’re learning more about what bullpucky the Trump campaign denials were on some of this stuff. We’re learning more about these investigations.

The Trump cover-up is breaking apart. Each day another piece of the puzzle emerges. The American people are beginning to learn what happened, who was involved, and what deal might have been made between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Russia wasn’t using Donald Trump to smear Hillary Clinton.

Putin helped Trump win so that he could have his own interests represented within the United States government.

Despite the efforts of the President, the Russia cover-up is coming apart.
It is looking more and more like voters didn’t elect a president in 2016. They elected an agent of a hostile foreign power.

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