We’re Spending $30 Million For Melania To Live In NYC As Trump Suspends Military Child Care


Taxpayers are footing the bill to the tune of an estimated $30 million for Melania Trump to live in New York City, while the President’s federal hiring freeze is causing the military to close down child care programs.

Scott Dworkin tweeted:


In November 2016, New York City officials estimated that it costs $1 million a day to protect Trump, his family, and Trump Tower. That daily cost will be much less when the president is not there, but the Trump family’s decision to stay in New York is costing taxpayers at minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

Meanwhile, President Trump instituted a federal hiring freeze because he claimed he had to get the nation’s finances in order.

When Trump froze federal hiring, he made the child care crisis in the military even worse.

A president sets the priorities for the country, and Donald Trump’s top priority appears to be spending taxpayer money to maintain his family’s lifestyle.

The choices that President Trump make have real world consequences for children and their families. Donald Trump’s wife gets to stay at Trump Tower while the people who defend this country are left without child care.

There is a lot to be outraged about when it comes to the Trump presidency, but this isn’t reality television. What Trump chooses to do wastes taxpayer money, and harms the American people.

Donald Trump is behaving like a parasite, not a president.