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Twitter Mocks Trump After He Tweets ‘I Have Tremendous Respect for Women’

Donald Trump woke up Wednesday morning and decided today, International Women’s Day, would be a good day to set himself up for more mockery, so he popped off a couple of quick tweets,

Notice he says “and the many roles they serve.” Awkward phrasing at the very least. Problematic at best, as he reduces women to the roles they serve rather than honoring them for what they are: women.

And keep in mind now that this is the same Donald Trump who has called women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals,” and who, according to New York magazine, told a friend, “You have to treat [women] like shit.”

Editor of the conservative Weekly Standard Bill Kristol, showed conservatives can have a sense of humor too when he tweeted in response,

And Kristol was not alone in turning his snark on the tweeter-in-chief:

You’ve gotta admit: Trump could not have chosen a better day to say how much respect he has for women when demonstrably, he has none. There is no better day to make his hypocrisy on women part of the discourse.

It doesn’t matter if Trump said this himself or if a staffer tweeted it. He’s made this very same claim in front of the cameras. It’s time to move past “Thanks, Obama,” and say “Thanks, Trump.”

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