MSNBC Sticks It To Trump By Calling Hated Obamacare Replacement Trumpcare

The White House doesn’t want the American people to call the Republican Obamacare replacement that is going to take health care away from millions Trumpcare, but MSNBC has fully adopted the name that the White House hates the most.

Video of MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and Chris Jansing talking about the Republican efforts to sell Trumpcare:

Politico reported that the White House does not want Trump’s name associated with the health care bill, “A White House spokesperson, however, was more emphatic. ‘It’s not Trumpcare,’ the spokesperson said Wednesday. We will be calling it by its official name, the American Health Care Act.”

MSNBC is riding high. The network’s ratings are surging, even though the channel has gone to more a hard news format that features many interviews with Republican members of Congress. The network isn’t acting like a Trump opposition channel, but viewers are rewarding them for strong, transparent reporting, and a primetime lineup that has maintained it liberal/progressive voice.

CNN and Fox News have followed the White House’s wishes avoided the term Trumpcare. MSNBC is showing that they aren’t afraid of this president or his Twitter account. They are accurately calling the bill that Trump is supporting Trumpcare, and making sure that people know who will be held responsible is millions lose their health care under Donald Trump.